Kxine Media Player

A simple KDE interface to the xine library.

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2003: Kxine officially abandoned.

After a year of inactivity, I have decided that I don't have the impetus to work on Kxine any more (especially since I switched to GNOME some time ago).

If you're interested in taking over, give me a shout.

2002-09-15: Kxine CVS no longer requires patched xine-lib.

Thanks to Bastien Nocera of the Totem project, I now no longer require xine-lib to be patched.

Kxine now features a better funtioning playlist, and can just about play DVDs.

Note that it still uses the old xine-lib api, so latest xine-lib CVS will not work. I think I'll try and get the playlist finished before I change to the new api...

2002-08-17: Kxine, Qt, xine and threads (part II).

I think I've made a break-through :)

This patch, when applied to current CVS of xine-lib, should make current CVS of kxine compile, and work properly, with no big X errors, or anything nasty like that. Bug reports to the kxine-user mailing list.

One side-effect of this patch is it will break other front-ends :( For the standard xine-ui, you need to apply this patch to current CVS of xine-ui. Developers of other UIs will have to add:

      vis.lock_display_cb = NULL;
      vis.unlock_display_cb = NULL;

to the initialisation of the x11_visual_t struct.

Any questions about this should be directed at a kxine mailing list.

2002-08-12: Kxine, Qt, xine and threads.

Those who subscribe to the mailing lists will know that I've been having some problems with threading, and the interaction between xine and Qt.

The problem boils down to the Qt library using one lock to access the X display (QApplication::lock() and QApplication::unlock()), whereas xine uses the more standard XLockDisplay() and XUnlockDisplay().

I'm unsure at the moment exactly how to resolve this (any Qt guru who knows should drop an email to the kxine-devel mailing list). The current way I have of getting this working is:

Of course this is less than ideal, and it only seems to work on Qt-3.0.5. I would have thought trolltech would have put XLockDisplay/XUnlockDisplay calls arround all their X accesses, but it appears they did not. I do not know why not.

As I said above, any help would be greatly appreciated.

2002-07-22: Kxine 0.4 is released. See the ChangeLog and release notes for more details.

2002-07-05: There've been some improvements in CVS, so you might want to go check that out. Particularly, it doesn't crash randomly when kxine is closed. Also the mailing lists are set up: kxine-announce for announcements, kxine-user for discussion of the UI, and kxine-devel for people interested in development. Click the links to go to the joining page.

2002-07-01: The sourceforge project has been approved. I'm now going through the rigmarole of setting it up, etc. I should have a better website sometime soon, too. The URL for this site is now http://kxine.sourceforge.net/.
Thanks to SourceForge for the free space.

2002-06-29: Version 0.3 is released. This version includes:

Kxine 0.3 requires:

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